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Russian Language in Medieval Europe
Study Russian in the EU
"Pushkin" is a high-standard language center. You are welcome to be our guest!

Four reasons why to study Russian in Estonia

  1. Of course, the best way of learning a foreign language is visiting the country it is spoken in. But economic and political situation in Russia makes it difficult for foreign students to feel safe during their stay in this country. Estonia is the member of the EU now, but almost 50% of the inhabitants in Tallinn are native Russians and you have a good opportunity of everyday communication in Russian.
  2. All our teaching personnel are native speakers of Russian, who use the latest teaching materials published in Russia.
  3. “Pushkin” is the only teaching centre one in Estonia that works in cooperation with the Ministry for Education of the Russian Federation. Our centre offers you a chance to get the State International Certificate (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language - TORFL). This certificate is recognized throughout Europe and the United States and also can be a valuable document in your EUROPEAN PORTFOLIO.
  4. Tallinn is one of the best retained medieval European towns. Old Town of Tallinn has been inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List (http://www.tallinn.ee/eng)

You can order individual lesson package:

  1. Study Russian language with teacher face-to-face 25 eur/per lesson

You will see the real russian life! We'll teach the men to drink vodka and the women to make pelmeni (russian ravioli) and russian pancakes with caviar! And all of you - to sing the drinking songs and to dance folk dances.
If you wish you can also visit the real russian bath-house with the kvass (national drink).
Let's combine business with pleasure!